Financial Statement (Personal)

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LegalContracts' Financial Statement (Personal) is ideal for:

  • evaluating whether you should loan money to someone.
  • presenting a snapshot of your financial situation.
  • calculating your net worth.
Financial Statement (Personal) Details
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Purpose of Financial Statement

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Cash on Hand:  $

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Number of loans from financial institutions: 

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Unpaid taxes:  $
Enter the amount of all unpaid taxes the Applicant is responsible for.

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Net Worth Value:
Applicant's Source of Income

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Total Income:  
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Applicant's Contingent Liabilities Q. What are "contingent liabilities"? A. Contingent liabilities are potential debts that you will be responsible for if certain events occur in the future. Contingent liabilities may arise from any of the following:
  • pending lawsuits;
  • disputed claims;
  • cases under appeal;
  • possible tax assessments; or
  • contract disputes.

Contingent liabilities are liabilities that you are only responsible for if a certain specified event happens. Please enter the value of the following contingent liabilities to the nearest dollar (e.g. 4,435). If a contingent liability does not apply to you then fill in the value as 0.

Are you acting as an endorser or guarantor on a loan for someone else? Q. What is an "endorser" or "guarantor"? A. An endorser or guarantor is a person who agrees to pay any losses directly to the lender should the debtor default. If you are an endorser or guarantor, you are in effect, assuming the financial responsibilities of another person(s) debt if they default on their loan payments.
Do you owe money as the result of any legal claims/judgments made against you?
Other Contingent Liabilities: 

Total Contingent Liabilities: 0
This value is automatically calculated based on the values submitted for the above contingent liabilities. It cannot be changed manually.
Date Information is Accurate:
Enter the date by which all of the information provided on this Personal Financial Statement is accurate.