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Incorporation State


Corporation Info

A) A corporate name must contain the word "corporation," "incorporated," "company," or "limited," or the abbreviation "corp.," "inc.," "co.," or "ltd.".
B) A corporate name cannot contain any language stating or implying that it will transact one of the special kinds of businesses listed below unless it proposes in fact to engage in such special kind of business:
(1) business of a bank or trust company
(2) insurance company
(3) savings and loan association or savings bank
(4) railroad or other public service company
(5) utility or public service companies
C) A corporate name cannot contain any word or phrase that is prohibited by law.
D) A corporate name must be distinguishable from the name of all other entities in the state.

Director Info

Enter the name of each Director.
(e.g. John A. Smith)

Meeting Info

(e.g. 1430 - 103 St., Dallas, TX, 93202)

(e.g. April 19, 2024, etc. )

(e.g. 9:00 A.M., 1 P.M., etc.)

(e.g. James T. Smith)

(e.g. James T. Smith)

Director Resolutions

The Minute Book is a general term for a compilation of corporate documents that are maintained at the principal office of the corporation in a form suitable for easy reference by authorized personnel.

The minute book would typically contain the Articles of Incorporation, the Certificate of Incorporation, the corporate Bylaws, the Register of Directors, the Securities Register, the minutes of Directors' and Shareholders' meetings and any other document the directors or Shareholders decide should be included.

Approval of the bylaws by the Directors is subject to final approval by the Shareholders.

Typically the Incorporators will approve the issuance of shares.

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