Employee Warning Letter Details

Employee Information

(e.g. Sally T. Smith)
Enter a unique employee identification number for this employee.
(e.g. apprentice electrician, accountant, labourer, etc.)

Company Information

(e.g. ABC Fasteners Ltd., etc.)
(e.g. Sally T. Smith)
(e.g. Sally T. Smith)


Describe the issue that is the subject of this warning letter.

Describe the infraction accurately and objectively. Use complete sentences.
(e.g. Confidential customer information was released to an unauthorized individual. It is extremely important to the success of the company that our customers are comfortable with our business processes. Any breach of customer confidentiality puts the trust of our customers at risk.)


Future Improvement

Describe specific issues that require improvement.
Remember: It is unfair to specify goals that are unreasonable in order to facilitate a firing.
(e.g. There must be no re-occurrence of the unacceptable behavior. The Employee must show a significant improvement in attitude and in overall performance.)

Indicate a date for a followup review.


(e.g. Because of the effect of the Employee's behavior on critical customer relations, any re-occurrence of the unacceptable behavior may result in termination of employment for the Employee at the sole discretion of the company.)

Employee Comments

Additional Comments

Immediate Meeting Required

Indicate if an immediate meeting is required to discuss the above issues.

Signing Details

Identify the individuals that will be signing this letter. Usually, at least the Employee and the immediate manager will sign.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Be sure to remind any managers involved in this process to respect the confidentiality of this document and the confidentiality of the process in general. Any individual who acts as a witness to this document must also be instructed to respect the confidentiality of the process.