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What Is a Lease Amendment?

A Lease Amendment, also known as a lease amending agreement or lease addendum, is:

  • A formal agreement between a landlord and tenant to modify one or more terms of a Lease Agreement
  • A written record of the changes or additions made to the original lease
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Why Do I Need a Lease Amending Agreement?

A Lease Amending Agreement is recommended because it:

  • Allows you to keep the original lease intact
  • Demonstrates your agreement to the amendment(s)
  • Provides documentation that you can refer to in the event of
    a misunderstanding

What Are the Reasons to Amend a Lease?

There are a number of reasons that a landlord or tenant might request an amendment.

A landlord might propose:

  • A rent increase
  • Modifying services such as outdoor maintenance
  • Changes to property or common area usage
  • Changes to pet or smoking policies

A tenant might request:

  • Authorization to make improvements
  • Permission to have a pet
  • Permission to have a roommate
  • Consent to sublet or assign the lease
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What Information Is Needed in a Lease Amendment?

In addition to the written amendments, your Lease Amending Agreement should also include the following information:

  • Number of times the lease has been previously amended
  • Property location
  • Landlord and tenant information
  • Signing date of the original lease

What if a Landlord and Tenant Disagree?

Both the landlord and tenant should be familiar with any rules contained in the lease about making amendments. A lease cannot be amended without the consent of both parties.

If you cannot agree to the proposed changes:

  • The landlord must wait until the current lease expires or is terminated, but can incorporate the changes in a new lease
  • The tenant can review the current lease to see if it can be terminated early, or wait until it expires
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